Cash Register Express

CRE manages everything, so you don’t have to.

With a front end so easy to learn anyone can operate CRE, and a back end built to handle every function you need, Brilliant POS has moved beyond the limitations of traditional POS and offers the future of point of sale now.


Improve your profitability through faster checkouts, accurate inventory tracking, and comprehensive reporting.

Inventory of Inventories

Cash Register Express boasts advanced inventory control that automates stock replenishment, PO’s, back orders, and direct store deliveries.

Extensive Reporting

View your reports by cashier ID, customer, vendor, store number, item, or department. Our exhaustive reporting gives you insight into fundamental business decision making analytics.

Happy Customers Happy Company

Offer attractive loyalty and marketing programs to incentivize repeat purchases. Discount levels, birthday specials, frequent shoppers are all easily manageable with CRE.

Staff Management

Labor is a big expense, track hours and wages accurately. Build out your employee schedule using our labor scheduler, and limit clock in/out times according.

Gift Card Candy

Custom branded gift cards with your business are a sure way to get the word out and generate revenue. The best thing is they are free to process through our POS system.

Reduce Loss

Increase accountability while lowering theft. Limit what employees have access to in your POS system. Restrict discounts, no sales, voids, price changes.

A few more features worthy of mentioning.

Age Verification

Protect your business from fines and penalties by either scanning the back of a drivers license to verify age or enter the info with a prompt.

Mix and Match Pricing

Allow your customers to select any number of different items for one total price. This comes in handy for pick-a-6 six pack or anytime you want to move inventory.

On-House Accounts

Charge orders to our on-house account system, it allows for easy tracking and reporting to keep the accounts maintained.


Enable layaway, force a deposit, or don’t, it’s up to you. Manage the layaway accounts with our built in system.

Styles Matrix

Easily add items of different sizes and colors to inventory or create PO’s using our styles matrix.


Create a kit by grouping a few of your items together and selling them at one bulk price. Ex; bottle of wine, glasses, wine opener.

Commissions and Consignment

Incentivize your employees with commissions or have reporting for items that are on consignment, either way we have you covered.

Handheld Inventory

Receive inventory, complete accurate floor counts, build PO’s, all with our handheld inventory device.