1. A modern solution that grows with your business. 
XERA POS offers comprehensive restaurant POS capabilities,

enabling operators to achieve maximum efficiency and simplicity.

Designed and built with the latest technologies, XERA offers you

infinite flexibility in menu items, item modification, employee

management, reporting and more! XERA is simple to use and can

accommodate any complex order entry challenges with the fewest

possible steps required.  That means turning tables faster and giving

your customers a better dining experience.  



 2. Tailored to your needs.
Fast, reliable, and customizable - XERA POS is designed to meet

the needs of your business. XERA brings you a new way

to manage your restaurant, with detailed and customizable

modifiers and items - no customer order is ever too

complicated.  XERA allows you to easily build a POS

that is personalized to your establishment, giving

you complete control.  XERA is ideal for high volume

establishments and multi-location franchises.